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                Welcome to visit Henan Huaxing Wires and Cables Co.,Ltd. website

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                Contact Us

                • Sales manager :Jack Yang
                • Phone:0086-371-86627929
                • Fax:0086-371-6410 8619
                • Cellphone :0086-18738196599
                • Email:
                • Factory Address: No.12 DingXiang Rode Yongan Industrial Zone, Gongyi, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province,China


                OUR PRODUCTS

                Henan Huaxing Wire and Cable Co.,Ltd.

                Huaxing Cable provides an extensive range of own products.
                Please select product family

                • Electric Wire
                • Bare aluminum conductor
                • Bare copper conductor
                • Service drop wire
                • Primary UD Concentric Neutral 5KV-46KV
                • Secondary UD Cable
                • Underground power cable 600/1000V
                • Underground power cable upto 35KV
                • Concentric cable
                • Welding cable
                • Photovoltaic Wire

                YOUR MARKETS

                Henan Huaxing Wire and Cable Co.,Ltd.

                Huaxing Cable offers dedicated solutions for your business.
                Please select your business:

                • Overhead line electric power transmission &distribution
                • Underground electric power transmission & distribution
                • Building
                • Photovoltaic plant


                GET IN TOUCH

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