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                China's high technology special projects proposed Eleventh Five Year Plan

                2021-01-26 14:50:09

                On the 10th the news from the National Development and Reform Commission said they had recently released a "high-tech industry," Eleventh Five-Year "plan." The plan put forward, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, China will implement in the areas of civil aircraft, 16 high-tech industry of major projects. 
                       According to the official announcement of the "industrial planning", China will in the software and integrated circuits, the next generation Internet, next generation mobile communications, digital audio and video, new components, information security, bio-medicine, modern medicine, biomedical engineering, biomass engineering, civil aircraft, satellite applications, new materials, new energy, modern agriculture, energy conservation and other fields, organize the implementation of major projects Shiliu Tai high-tech industry. 
                       High-tech industrial development in key areas, China will form a digital audio and video, next-generation Internet, a new generation of mobile communication, biological medicine, biomass engineering, biomedical engineering, regional aircraft, satellite applications, new materials, new energy, and a number of emerging industries. 
                       High-tech industry is an important part of innovation. In the official view, to promote high-tech industry is to promote the upgrading of industrial technology in China, to promote an important measure of economic restructuring. 
                       National Development and Reform Commission statistics also released today, "15" period, they organized the implementation of 30 major projects of high-tech industry and nearly 1500 high-tech industrialization demonstration project. 

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