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                Design and selection of flame retardant cables and precautions for construction

                2022-03-18 14:21:03

                Relevant personnel should design, select and lay out the flame-retardant cables according to the specific characteristics of the flame-retardant cables, and pay attention to the following issues:
                Henan Huaxing Wire and Cable Co.,Ltd.
                1. Since halogen-containing flame-retardant cables (including flame-retardant cables, low-halogen and low-smoke flame-retardant cables) will release corrosive halogen acid gas when burning, which greatly hinders fire-fighting work, delays fire-fighting time and aggravates fire spread Therefore, in public places with high population density, halogen-free and low-smoke flame-retardant cables should be designed and used as much as possible. Any kind of flame-retardant cable can be used in the work area with small population density.
                2. Flame-retardant cables are divided into A, B, and C3 categories. Among them, the performance of A-type flame-retardant cables is better than that of B and C types, and the price is also the most expensive. The designer should indicate the type of flame retardant cable when providing the order list.
                3. It is impossible to distinguish the A, B and C categories of flame-retardant cables from the appearance, and only the manufacturer can guarantee the supply. Therefore, the cable manufacturer should be carefully selected when designing and selecting.
                4. Compared with halogen-containing flame-retardant cables, halogen-free low-smoke flame-retardant cables have the advantages of low corrosion and low smoke, but their electrical and mechanical properties are significantly reduced, so when laying cables, halogen-free and low smoke resistance The flame-retardant cable should have a larger bending radius than the halogen-containing flame-retardant cable.
                5. When designing the cable laying, it is not advisable to lay the non-flame retardant cables and the flame retardant cables side by side, and it is not suitable to lay the flame retardant cables of different flame retardant categories side by side.

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