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                Welcome to visit Henan Huaxing Wires and Cables Co.,Ltd. website

                Aerial Bundled Cable

                Aerial Bundled Cable


                Standard: IEC/ASTM/NFC/BS/AS 

                Conductor: Aluminum

                Insulation: XLPE

                Cores: 1/2/3/4 cores

                Origin: China


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                ABC cables have many options in terms of the number of phase conductors used, the type of neutral conductor and either it is bare or insulated.
                1.Conductor (both phase and Neutral)
                The conductors shall be of aluminum 1350 wires and compacted circular stranded ;
                The conductors shall be extruded with XLPE as insulation ,each phases is marked with numbers     and letters ,1 ONE,2 TWO,3 THREE or with one rib,two ribs or three ribs to denote the phases.The neutral core carries equally space ribs right round the circumference .
                The Core shall be laid up with a left hand Lay.
                Technical Data:
                Rated voltage :0.6/1kV
                Test Voltage:4/50 Kv/Hz
                Laying Temperature: min -5 °C
                Operating Temperature : -30+90 °C
                Bending Radius: 18x D of cable mm
                The main advantage of ABC cable include:
                1. Ease of erection and stringing
                2. Practically no tree-trimming required;
                3. Less maintenance
                ABC cables are intended for use either as a service drop cable between a power pole and the service entrance, or as a secondary distribution cable between poles. The use of these service drop or secondary distribution cables is limited to circuits, not exceeding 600 volts phase-to-phase or 480 volts phase-to-ground, to a normal temperature rating of the service conductor temperature of 90 °C.

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