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                Welcome to visit Henan Huaxing Wires and Cables Co.,Ltd. website

                Bare Copper Conductor

                Bare Copper Conductor


                Bare copper conductor meets or exceeds the following ASTM specifications:

                ASTM B-1 (hard drawn)
                ASTM B-2 (medium hard drawn)
                ASTM B-3 (soft or annealed)
                ASTM B-8 (concentric lay stranded)
                ASTM B-33 (tinned)
                ASTM B-787 (combination strand


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                Bare copper conductors are compressed concentric-lay-stranded consisting of one or more layers of wire wrapped helically around a straight round central wire.

                Bare Copper Conductor suitable for use in electrical grounding systems and on insulatorsfor overhead transmission and distribution applications. Stranded conductors offer greater flexibility than solid.

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