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                Concentric cable

                Copper Concentric Cable


                Copper Concentric Cable meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of  UL Standard 854.


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                Conductor: stranded copper wires class B according to  ASTM B 8 and UL 854 

                Insulation: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene), 

                Concentric Conductor: Single layer of aluminum wires AA8000 served as the neutral conductor,  equal to theequivalent AWG size of the power conductor

                Separator Tape: A separator tape is applied overtop the helicallyapplied neutral conductor wires. The tape actsas a reinforcing bedding for the PVC jacket.

                Sheath: A PVC jacket is extruded overtop of the cableassembly.

                Copper Concentric Cableused in service entrances replacing low voltage bundled cables. Also suitable for submain distribution and particularly used within high-rise buildingsand street lighting systems.

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