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                MV Power cable

                MV Power Cable


                PVC XLPE Insulated Power Cable 25mm2-400mm2
                Standards :IEC/ASTM/BS/NFC/CSA/EN
                Voltage: low voltage –high voltage   
                Conductor: Aluminum /Copper 
                Armour: Steel Tape /Steel Wire
                Insulation :XLPE/PVC
                Origin Place: China


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                PVC XLPE Insulated Power Cable applies to electrical power transmission and distribution lines with AC rated voltage Uo/ U up to and including 0.6/1kV.
                For outdoor and indoor installation in damp and wet locations, laid directly in the ground where excessive mechanical stresses are present in sloping and moving terrains and in vertical or inclined laying,as well as in locations susceptible to sliding.
                 The Main type of power cable YJV22/YJV32 means:
                YJ: XLPE insulation
                V: PVC insulation
                V: PVC sheath
                22: Galvanized steel tape armoring
                32: Galvanized steel wire armoring
                Conductor: Plain circular stranded copper conductor, conforms to IEC 60228 class 2
                Insulation: PVC, XLPE
                Inner Covering: PVC
                Armoring: Steel Wire, Steel Tape, Aluminum Wire at request
                Sheath: PVC according to IEC 60502, black
                Note: Insulation color as per standards or at request
                Features of single core 25mm2 Power Cable
                Conductor: Copper 
                Insulation :Black XLPE 
                Insulation thickness: 0.7mm
                Sheath: PVC
                Sheath Thickness: 1.4mm 
                Approx. Cable Weight: 294 kg/km
                Overall diameter of cable: 10.7mm
                Max D.C resistance at 20C: 0.727
                Used as power distribution and transmission line at rated voltage 0.6/1kV.
                Suitable for burying in ground, laying down wells and under water. Able to bear certain axis pulling force.
                International: IEC 60502-1, IEC 60228;
                Other standards such as ASTM BS,DIN and ICEA upon request
                Technical data
                Rated voltage: 0.6 / 1 kV
                Max. Conductor Temp.: normal (70°C), short circuit no more than 5 s (160°C when section-area below 300mm2, 140°C when section-area above 300mm2)
                Min. Ambient Temp.: 0°C, after installation and only when cable is in a fixed position
                Min. Bending Radius: 20 x cable O.D

                XLPE insulated power cable mainly enclosed in conduit, buried or underground ducts for industrial plants, buildings and transformers. Unarmoured cable used in places where mechanical protection is not required, while armoured cable used in places where mechanical protection  is required.

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